Overcoming ‘content shock’: ideas for B2B marketing content that engages & inspires

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A few months ago, I shared tips on developing content marketing ideas for B2B and industrial sector businesses.

B2B has always been considered a bit of a Cinderella when it comes to developing and implementing content marketing strategies. And creating truly effective B2B marketing content is certainly not getting any easier.

There is now so much material online that users have been experiencing what has been termed ‘content shock’.  A trifle dramatic perhaps, but given that Google serves up page after page in response to search queries, some are questioning the continued validity of b2b marketing content as a strategy.

They may be right and we could get to a content-saturation point sooner rather than later.  But I still think there is a genuine value in companies serving reputable, validated, quality content to their customers. Why?  Because circumstances change; norms shift.  Let’s face it, the world is in a constant state of flux (Brexit anyone?).

So, with that in mind, here are some more suggestions to inspire you on your content journey…and never lose sight of your vision, mission and values on the way!

1. Remember the power of story-telling

“Why are stories so valuable? One reason is that a story exerts a power beyond the obvious. The whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts – the facts, the events, the context – that a story creates a deep resonance.”  
Think Like A Freak.

Leader’s teams use story-telling all the time in b2b marketing content – perhaps the best examples is in case studies to show real-life transformation.

Always consider case studies as both educational, inspiring and a chance to show how your product met the customer need and/or your team went the extra mile.

2. Take your business apart

Are there specific individual parts of your business that could be of interest/engaging?   Would you underpin your business’s personality and quality proposition by giving a peak behind the scenes?

A US property investment company uses videos that show assessors ‘on the job’ assessing property values.  We all like a nose around someone else’s property (as the daytime TV schedules attest) and the result is both interesting and entertaining.

3. Reflect the world you seek to improve

Consider the PESTLE model used by boards to assess a company’s ability to remain competitive as their trading environment alters.  PESTLE standing for P for Political, E for Economic, S for Social, T for Technological, L for Legal and E for Environmental.  You can add an E for Ethics if you want to.

Use PESTLE within the context of your products and services to give you a framework for helping your customers with the pressures they face.

Read LinkedIn posts, trade forums, blogs and publications, or talk to your customer service teams and sales reps for ideas you could incorporate.

Monitor the news – what’s topical, what could you usefully comment on that would be relevant to customers?

If you’re still stuck, try:

  • Google Trends – google.com/trends
  • Google Alerts – google.com/alerts
  • BuzzFeed – buzzfeed.com
  • Buzzsumo – buzzsumo.com

4. Ask others for their advice

Find key, respected influencers and invite them to be interviewed/guest post etc.

Or why not involve your customers in creating content sending in their ideas, best/worst jobs, pictures of their work? Or offering them the chance to get involved in other ways?

Everyone likes a chance to compete – consider setting challenges that your employees and your customers can join in.  Choose something that supports your brand proposition and competitive edge.

5. Make sure your B2B marketing content is well presented

Avoid jargon in b2b marketing content, and respect the fact that customers may have limited time so be as brief as you can.  Use tools such as images, videos and podcasts wherever possible to break-up lines of copy.

At all times, sound human, not like an advertising hoarding, and don’t be afraid to add real personality.

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