Introducing The Leader Marketing Partnership

The Leader Marketing Partnership

After much deliberation and careful planning we are delighted to unveil our new company name: The Leader Marketing Partnership.

After nearly 40 years as Leader Communications Ltd, we have decided to take on this new name as the clearest visible step so far in our journey towards becoming an Employee Owned Business (EOB) – something we anticipate completing during 2020.

Once we switch to EOB status the new name will of course better reflect the new legal structure of the business. But more than that it will underscore partnership as one of our core values, not just among ourselves but in our approach to working with our clients.

Leader prides itself not just on the quality of its work but on the depth and duration of the relationships it enjoys with clients; something which allows us to build authentic marketing partnerships in the fullest sense of the word.

James Holden said: “We are all proud that Leader has become one of the UK’s longest-established marketing consultancies, but inevitably a factor in that longevity is regular reinvention and renewal.

“Over many years the Employee Owned Business model has demonstrated itself to be an excellent structure for a business like ours, delivering increased productivity and efficiency alongside higher employee engagement, motivation and wellbeing.

“As The Leader Marketing Partnership we are all looking forward immensely to this next chapter in the Leader story.”

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