Marc Sanderson.

Marketing Communications Director

As a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Marc has worked in senior consultancy and client-side roles across most of the major marketing disciplines: marketing strategy and planning; brand development and management; content creation and curation; internal and external communication; lead generation and business growth; risk and reputation management; digital integration; customer experience; and more.

His experience spans sectors as diverse as technology, construction, manufacturing, logistics and professional & legal services. He is also widely experienced in the public and not-for-profit sectors, from local government and statutory bodies to charities, trade and membership organisations.

A lifelong tech and gadget geek, Marc has always been keen to leverage the power of new technology in his work. He is nevertheless mindful that results must always come first:

“Many of the new technologies and techniques which have arrived in marketing over the last 30 years have proved to be absolutely transformative in the truest sense of the word; on the other hand, plenty haven’t. The key now as always is to carefully and soberly evaluate new ideas before deploying them in live situations where budgets and results really do matter. Unfortunately, ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ seems to be a particular problem in marketing, where ‘new’ is often overvalued and ‘does it work’ is all-too-often sidelined.”

As a Leader director Marc has helped develop dozens of new brand and value propositions, led many outsourced and integrated marketing teams, delivered PR and communications programmes for clients of all types and sizes, and created growth and competitive advantage for businesses across the UK, mainland Europe and North America.

marc sanderson

In his own words

Describe marketing in three words:

“Analysis, inspiration, graft.”

How would you describe your approach to marketing:

“Informed but pragmatic. Relaxed but tenacious.”

What do you most enjoy about your work:

“I’ve focused a lot on working with smaller and medium sized organisations over recent years; I particularly enjoy the opportunity this provides for us to engage with the complete marketing mix. Turning tight budgets (and sometimes even tighter deadlines) into great brands, promotional plans and commercial outcomes is always a great feeling.”

What do you do in your spare time:

Away from marketing (which I really do enjoy), I’ve probably got more interests than I have spare time! I love music in almost all its forms, birdwatching, fishing, cycling, running, camping and ‘the great outdoors’, chess, literature and the cinema. I also volunteer locally as a scout leader, and am proud to be able to provide a little pro bono marketing support for the African Oyster Trust, a small charity which delivers nursery education and healthcare in the Gambia.

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