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Manufacturing & Engineering Marketing

Leader has supported the marketing and business growth aspirations of engineering and manufacturing businesses of all sizes, from start-ups through to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Today these industries are witnessing a revolution and the speed of advance requires an agency that fully understands the customer journey, has the ability to engage with key stakeholders, can nurture existing relationships and identify new leads.

By providing a director-led service, we can quickly and effectively respond to the changing landscape while delivering marketing campaigns which showcase the full value of your products, services, innovations and investments.

Charity, Membership & Third Sector Organisations

Leader has worked with some of the UK’s leading organisations across the charity and not-for-profit sectors.

By providing a director-led service, Leader can deliver board-level marketing support to help organisations, often faced with the challenge of limited resources , raise their profile, increase awareness and achieve their objectives.

We also understand the increasing need for membership organisations to demonstrate their relevance. To help build and deliver fresh value for members, Leader will work with clients to define and communicate benefits and values to existing members, new prospects and key influencers.

IT & Technology Marketing

IT is a cornerstone of our economy, driving business operations across the board. From cloud support and operational data capture to robotics and AI, Leader’s clients operate in some of the most dynamic sectors in the modern economy.

We have delivered campaigns, for startups and some of the biggest companies in the world, which showcase the full value of products, services and innovations to help engage stakeholders and support business growth.

Our director-led service also ensures we can respond quickly and effectively to the rapid evolution of this sector.

Professional Services

Professional services is one of the biggest employers in the UK and Leader has extensive experience working with specialists in this area, helping them achieve a wide range of business objectives.

By understanding individual needs and different key audiences through in-depth research and insight, Leader has designed thought-provoking and meaningful marketing campaigns that improve engagement, increase awareness, position clients as market leaders and leave a long-lasting impression which will help the business grow. From website design to delivering a full suite of marketing collateral, Leader will consistently deliver on time and to budget.

Environment & Sustainability Marketing

Leader has worked extensively with organisations who place environmental stewardship and sustainability as a key part of their future success. Our marketing campaigns have helped position market-leading companies as important influencers in their field.

We have also worked with businesses trying to mitigate issues such as global warming. While there is an increasing need to adopt the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle to minimise the negative impact of operations, we also recognise that sustainability is not a simple discussion.

We can help clients engage with these issues and communicate the value of a sustainable approach for reputational, commercial and employer advantage.

Health & Wellbeing Marketing

Now, more than ever, health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds. With more people looking to find new ways to improve fitness and stay well, Leader looks after the marketing needs of clients in this increasingly important sector so they can focus on looking after others.

Leader has worked with a wide variety of clients that are playing a vital role in improving health and wellbeing, from physiotherapists and paediatricians to sports injury specialists, to help build brands that stand out and promote their full spectrum of services to their primary patient groups.

Travel & Tourism

In an increasingly competitive market, tourist attractions need to stand out from the crowd.

Leader’s experience and insight has helped a variety of popular tourist destinations build a distinct and compelling brand that reflects and appeals to its key audiences in a changing consumer landscape.

Based on research and in-depth knowledge, Leader has delivered websites and marketing collateral designed to help improve communications with loyal customers, appeal to new visitors and significantly increase footfall.

Food & Drink Marketing

In a highly competitive market with thousands of new food and drink products being launched every year, food specialists need a brand that captures the imagination and responds to an increasing thirst for new, innovative and delicious products.

By understanding consumers through research and experience, and utilising our relationships with the relevant key media and influencers, Leader can help businesses in a rapidly growing sector design and implement successful campaigns that drive awareness, start conversations across both trade and consumer platforms, improve visibility and increase sales.

Construction & Building Products Marketing

Leader’s credentials in the building and construction sector is second to none.

Providing marketing support for companies across the built environment, from architects and designers to product manufacturers and environmental engineers, our campaigns have helped maximise the commercial value that digital can deliver for their business.

With Leader’s combined insight and in-depth understanding of this sector, we have successfully launched new products and services, transformed clients into thought-leaders and delivered significant return from lead generation and sales uplifts.


Leader has worked extensively with elite designers and manufacturers in the automotive industry, helping drive business growth in the UK and worldwide.

By developing effective and concise marketing strategies and communications campaigns,  we have helped market leaders deliver concepts that promote products, highlight advantages over competitors and meet evolving commercial objectives.

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