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Making it Better: new interactive website for multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic.

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Our Client

Body Dynamics Health is a multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic in Cheltenham.  Its owners, osteopaths Ben and Dan Wilkinson, were looking to upgrade their current site to reflect their full range of services and deliver both a better user experience (UX) and a higher search engine ranking (at the time, it was 12th in Google for key search terms).  It was also important for the team to be able to edit their new site more easily and for it to be based on a stable hosting platform.

Our Services

Our Work

Leader’s designers decided to create a custom-build for the client in Word Press, to create a site that:  

  • made Body Dynamics Health look modern and distinctive but still recognisably a healthcare business;
  • styled the brand (and evolve it) in terms of colour palate and imagery;
  • used the website content and images to underline the brand’s value proposition of tailored treatment plans, not one-size-fits-all plans or one that reflected simple stereotypes;
  • was flexible enough to accommodate any future company expansion;
  • could be delivered in just four weeks.  

The Body Dynamics Health team were keen to include a significant amount of video content and provide a degree of interactivity for patients to optimise their online experience.  The new site also had to integrate seamlessly with the company’s online booking app.   

Body Dynamics Health provided a video showreel as well as video biographies and testimonials. 


The Leader team worked closely with the owners at all stages of the design and build to create a site that appealed to a wide demographic and reflected their core patient base, ranging from high-ranking sports professionals to members of the public.  Leader’s designers took particular care over details such as a careful balance of brand colours (core brand colours are black, orange and silver), font choice, and ‘softening’ images with the subtle inclusion of curves and circles. 

The build was completed within four weeks despite the restrictions on face-to-face communication during COVID lockdown.  All discussions, updates and file-sharing between Leader’s account director, designers and the client during the build were done seamlessly via MS Teams. 

Leader’s team also SEO-ed the new site, ensuring that the on-page experience was fit for purpose, and integrated both Google Analytics and Search Console to give clarity and oversight for its future performance. 

Once launched, Leader’s team was on-hand to provide support and resolve any issues, including reviewing traffic/customer journeys using Analytics, minimising load times and migrating the videos to a new hosting platform. 

The new site rapidly moved up the rankings, and within weeks of launch was ranking #2 in Google for the company’s key search term.  Furthermore, patient feedback has been universally positive. 

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Body Dynamics Health Web Design
Body Dynamics Health Website imac

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