Leading Edge: delivering the launch and lead generation for the groundbreaking DeskQUERY space management toolkit

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Our Client

DeskQUERY™ is a groundbreaking software solution which uses Internet of Things technology to help FM and real estate professionals understand and optimise their use of buildings.

Developed by IT infrastructure and connectivity specialists Excel IT, and launched with full promotional support from Leader, DeskQUERY™ quickly attracted industry headlines and acclaim.

Leader was then asked to build on the success of the launch with a marketing programme designed to generate and nurture leads for DeskQUERY™.

Our Work

We started by creating a suite of marketing content to sit at the heart of a new inbound marketing campaign.

e-Guides, animations, graphics and articles were all published on the Excel website, and then distributed and amplified through a blend of search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, social media, PR, website advertising and on-page calls-to-action.

Subscription forms and website forensic tools were used to identify and monitor visitors, while email automation engaged and encouraged visitors to continue exploring this unique product.


Over a 12 month period, more than 500 companies and individuals who visited the campaign pages were identified, of whom 61 were flagged as marketing qualified leads worthy of further investigation.

Engagement via LinkedIn, Twitter and Adwords was increased from previous levels by 226%, 50% and 30% respectively, and more than 400 lead nurture emails were triggered and sent.

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