Leading The Field: communicating ‘The Dymag Difference’ to the performance automotive and motorbike sectors

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Dymag Performance Wheels is an elite British design and manufacturer of performance automotive and motorbike wheels.

Dymag has targeted substantial growth in the aftermarket sectors for both auto and moto in territories including USA, Japan, UK and Europe.

At the heart of the Dymag brand and its premium-priced wheels is unparalleled performance, not simply to improve speed but also safety. Leader was asked to develop strategies and campaigns designed to communicate these advantages, particularly over traditional alloy derivatives.

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Leader established ‘The Dymag Difference’ as a fundamental concept, and worked with the CEO and senior management to establish what defined that difference and how it could best support commercial objectives.

A comprehensive brand narrative was developed to serve as a foundation for marketing communications campaigns.

To add further clarity and purpose to sales and marketing activity we also segmented the aftermarket for auto and moto by cost of vehicle and key models.

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Leader has supported Dymag in securing the highest level of moto wheel sales in decades, as well as establishing strategic partnerships with key social influencers to directly support the segmentation strategy.

We continue to work with Dymag’s CEO and senior team, providing an end-to-end outsourced marketing service from director-level support to creative and technical implementation.

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