Leading in Europe: an integrated communications programme for the European launch of the Kingspan AdBlue tank

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Kingspan Environmental creates sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly solutions for domestic and large-scale projects in 85 countries across the world.

Leader was asked to be the European lead on communications strategy and oversight for the international launch of a ground-breaking new AdBlue tank for petrol stations.

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Planning began by closely interrogating customer needs with an eye to creating a basic understanding of personas. Key messages were written to answer the all-important “why us?” questions.

The Leader team identified a series of news angles for the new tank, and created a detailed content marketing plan with the objective of driving awareness and credibility.

The website was populated with materials for the launch, and all content was optimised for search. Key information and materials were singled out for sharing across multiple platforms online and offline to extend the reach of the campaign.

Early interest was sparked through carefully targeted and co-ordinated trade media advertising and editorial in Europe and the UK, social and PPC campaigns before the focus shifted to showcasing the product through major conferences, events and awards.

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The campaign was measured through a series of agreed KPIs including website traffic, engagement and customer enquiries.

Google Analytics was monitored for key metrics around acquisition, behaviour and conversion rates for website traffic.

Search enquiries (search terms typed into the browser) and page rankings will be kept under review to support key messaging. Shortly after the launch it was announced that Kingspan was entering into a major international partnership with Dover Fueling Solutions to provide a package of AdBlue storage tanks to and retail dispensers to the retail and commercial fuelling industry in Europe and beyond.


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