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U.S. Architectural Products (USAP) was already an established provider of fiber cement boards and solutions for the US and Canadian construction sectors when it was acquired by a UK-based team.

Having previously implemented global marketing campaigns for similar product lines, Leader was asked to support a relaunch of the USAP brand and then deliver the ongoing marketing support required to help it rapidly build market penetration and sales.

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We created an integrated USAP marketing team by bringing together a mix of existing staff and suppliers. Shared project planning tools and regular video conferencing ensured work being carried out in the US, UK and mainland Europe would be properly co-ordinated.

Our initial marketing review drew on industry reports, direct research and the on-the-ground insight of an experienced sales team. We developed detailed buyer personas to guide marketing planning, identified priority targets, and strengthened the company’s value propositions.

The rebranding began with a new logo, colour palette, imagery and strapline. A new website was designed to act as a focal point for ongoing activity – driving traffic, engaging and nurturing visitor interest, and producing leads for the sales team through visitor identification, quote forms and product sample requests.

An integrated marketing communications programme was then put in place to drive awareness and interest, including: content marketing; pay-per-click advertising; data acquisition and email campaigns; social media; search engine optimisation (SEO); trade event activity; and partnership initiatives with manufacturers and distribution partners.



From a company with a badly dated brand image and no effective marketing reach, USAP now has a marketing programme delivering regular and tangible outputs.

The new brand has helped it assert its position and credibility in the market.

Effective SEO with selective Google Adwords support means the website performs strongly for searches on key words and phrases. With web traffic having more than doubled to more than 2,000 visitors a month, the site delivers approximately 60 marketing-qualified leads and more than 30 sales-qualified leads + sample requests every month.

Over an initial two year period, marketing support helped the company grow sales by 50%.

Simon MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer, USAP

We’ve been hugely impressed with Leader’s methodical approach to building our marketing programme, which has delivered a real commercial edge for us. They integrate into the client team very effectively, hit their deadlines and are ready to be held accountable through measurement of results.

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U.S. Architectural Products

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